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Trucking Safety


Below are a few tips to keep truckers and other motorists safe.



  1. Upon arriving at an intersection be sure to signal early and often to ensure that other motorists know which way your truck is turning.
  2. Always make sure to slow down long before a complete stop is necessary. Other motorists do not realize how long it takes for a truck to come to a full stop, so seeing the brake lights early will help to avoid a collision.
  3. Keep changing lanes to a minimum as trucking “no zones” or blind spots are large. Be sure to check mirrors every 7 or 8 seconds.
  4. When routinely checking your vehicle, always be sure to check the headlights, brake lights, and turn signal lights to avoid accidents.
  5. When driving slower than the speed limit due to a heavy load or bad weather always use your flashers.


  1. Use the specific parking set aside for trucks as big rigs need four times the space as an average passenger car.
  2. Trucks should never be parked on roadways with speed limits over 30 mph unless disabled.
  3. When pulling off to the the side of the road or highway, always use precaution with flares, flashers, and safety triangles to alert other motorists.
  4. Do not park your truck near driveways or side streets, as the tractor trailer can obstruct a motorist’s view of oncoming traffic.
  5. Never park facing oncoming traffic.


  1. Do not let your truck idle for more than 5 minutes at a time as it is a waste of fuel.
  2. Do not idle your truck while sleeping, loading or unloading. Not only does it burn fuel, it has also been linked to lung cancer in truck drivers.
  3. When idling your vehicle, do not leave it unattended. This is how theft happens.
  4. If idling is necessary, keep windows closed or wear a safety mask so as not to inhale too many fumes.
  5. Idling may be necessary in temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid fuel-gelling. This can be for as much as 10-20 minutes as necessary.


  1. In rain or snow conditions be sure to keep substantial space between your truck and the vehicle in front of your truck in case of an emergency stop.
  2. In bad weather, do not feel obliged to go as fast as the speed limit. Slower speeds are necessary to avoid rollovers, jackknifes, and collisions.
  3. Always keep tire chains on hand in case of snow or ice.
  4. Keep the fuel tank full during the colder seasons as water condensation can build up in the fuel line.
  5. Remember to take extra precautions on bridges as they freeze before roads do.


Safety First!


From my experience, there are really only 3 questions you have to prepare for and you can link most of the interview questions back to these three. Preparing for these three questions also means you can answer most questions more naturally, simply by referring mentally back to your preparations for these three questions.

Basically, any interviewer wants to establish 3 key things:

  • Have you got the skills, expertise and experience to perform the job?
  • Are you enthusiastic and interested in the job and the company?
  • Will you fit into the team, culture and company?

However, during the job interview, the interviewer might use many different questions and angles to get to the answers. If the interviewer doesn’t get what he or she wants from one question, they might ask them in different ways. Or they might probe from different angles to test for consistency in your answers.

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The 7 Things Successful People Never Say

You want to be successful. Everyone does. But your actual words might be undermining your chances of success. The things you say in the office, no matter how innocuous they seem to you, might be knocking you down the career ladder and putting the top position you dream about out of reach.

Your career is too important to be tanked by a few negative phrases. Here are the seven things you should strike from your workplace vocabulary if you want to achieve the success you richly deserve:

1. “That’s not in my job description.”

2. “It can’t be done.”

3. “It’s not my fault.”

4. “This will just take a minute.”

5. “I don’t need any help.”

6. “It’s not fair.”

7. “This is the way it’s always been done.”

Doing things the way they’ve always been done is no way to run a business. Just ask some of the companies which toed the line, accepted the status quo, and went under. Adapting to an ever-changing marketplace is really the only way to survive in an economy constantly being disrupted by the next big thing.

You don’t have to be a slave to the trends, but you also can’t stick your head in the sand and hope things go back to normal. Instead, come up with creative solutions to new problems and innovate, and you’ll soon be in the driver’s seat taking your organization into the future.

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