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When to thin?

    “Are my pine trees ready to thin?” There is no definite answer to this question, because every pine plantation may be different. Some plantations may be ready to thin as early as age 12, and some may not be ready for thinning until age 18 or older.
     Many factors determine when a pine plantation is ready to be thinned: site productivity, planting density, genetics, and weed competition. But the timing of the first thinning is very important. This first thinning may affect the productivity and economics of the pine plantation for the next 20 to 30 years, so it is a must that thinning be done at the right time.

    Trees are like other crops in that they don’t grow well if there are too many per acre. The number of trees per acre affects diameter growth of individual trees, thus the yield and growth of the entire stand. As the trees grow larger, the site can support  fewer trees per acre. To maintain the vigor and growth rates of the best trees, known as “crop trees,” pine plantations are thinned to a density the site can best support. When pines are thinned at the proper time and in the proper manner, landowners benefit in several ways: 

  • High quality trees can grow.
  • Landowners receive intermediate income.
  • Health and vigor of the stand are maintained.
  • Wildlife habitat is enhanced.


When is the proper time to conduct your first thinning? Consider these points before you thin your pine plantation:

  • Tree diameters
  • Stand density
  • Tree heights
  • Natural pruning
  • Growth rates

– Quoted from Publication 2260, MS State Univ. Extension Service, Timothy A.Traugott, Dr. Stephen Dicke

A key ingredient!

Ever notice the highway sound barriers in the cities. A key ingredient of those panels is....woodchips!

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